Fishing Lures Buying Guide

If you are looking for fun way to attract your catch, then you might as well go with a fun fishing lures. Fishing lures help you tempt the fish more efficiently, than the most popular bait techniques. You will be able to find wide range of fishing lures, but which one will suit your needs, will depend on your personal preferences. Thus you will find natural and artificial fishing lures, that come in different sizes, shapes and texture, in order to attract the various types of fish species. Before you actually decide to go with certain model, go through our simple guide.

FIshing Lures

Natural versus Artificial Lures – Natural baits attract the fish with certain odor, color and appearance of the bait, where as the artificial fishing lures just imitate the characteristics of the natural one. Whether you choose the natural or the artificial fishing lure, will depend on your own preferences and the type of fish you are trying to catch. Natural baits like earthworms, minnows, leeches can be found in nature and need to be stored in a refrigerator, where as the artificial fishing lures can be used any time you want, and don’t require specific care.

Weight Of The Lure – When you shop for a nice fishing lure, keep in mind the weight of it. You don’t want to end up with a model that is heavy to lift. The fishing lures and baits need to be light enough to spin, spin cast, and able to support the bait and struggle with the fish. Smaller fishing lures are ideal for lighter fish like sunfish and bluegill, where as large fishing lures are ideal for walleye and pike.

Types of Fishing Lures – Which type of fishing lure is ideal, will depend on the environment and the conditions you find in. Check what local fish feed on, in order to know which natural bait you imitate. You will find a wide range of fishing lures like floating ones, sinking, surface, and a soft plastic ones. All of these models offer their own benefits, which one you need will depend on various circumstances. Whether they are designed for fresh waters, type of fish, unusual movement detector and other useful things that influence the lure choice.


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