Red, White or Bubbly Wine – Which One Is Better?

Either for celebration or for ordinary dinner, a glass of good wine always makes a difference, since many studies have shown that moderate wine consumption is beneficial. In fact, alcohol offers many positive health benefits if it is consumed moderately. Reducing the risks for hearth diseases, diabetes, strokes and reducing the risk of gallstones development are just some of the benefits that can be gained by drinking wine. However, all these and many other benefits can be gained and experienced only by moderate wine drinkers (moderate usually means 1-2 glasses of wine per day). Drinking too much wine or any other alcoholic beverage can lead to many health problems and other alcoholic related problems.


Wine is a great example that alcohol can actually help those who prefer to drink one or two glasses per day. There are many wine varietals on the market from which you can choose. Usually people choose between red, white or sparkling wine. All of them have similar characteristics, but they are not the same. If you are a fan or red, white or bubbly wine, here are some pros and cons that you need to know next time you choose certain wine type.

Red Wine – Usually, wine drinkers know that red wine contains one of the most powerful antioxidant- reversterol that can be found in red grapes. This powerful antioxidant is the key ingredient in most red wines and brings many positive health benefits, such as preventing blood vessel damages and reducing the cholesterol level. The reversterol is also quite effective in preventing the growth of cancer cells, and makes the immune system much stronger. Most red wines on the market also contain flavonoids, which are another beneficial antioxidants. On the other hand, red wine brings more calories when compared with the white and sparkling wines. Generally, a glass of red wine contains around 80 calories, while the white wine comes with 70 calories per glass.

White Wine – Many white wines also offer positive health benefits. Some studies have shown that drinking white wine moderately keeps the lung tissues healthy. As stated above, white wines come with less calories when compared with red wines. This characteristic can be the difference for those who want to enjoy in a glass of good white wine, without putting extra kilos. However, the white wines are considered as the most acidic, meaning that they are not good for your teeth. Drinking too much white wines can cause teeth damages. Furthermore, white wines contain less healthy antioxidants when compared with the red ones.

Sparkling Wine – Most sparkling wines, like the Champagne, offer the same healthy benefits like the red wines, since the bubbly wine is usually a combination of white and red grapes. For example, the Champagne contains polyphenols which are very beneficial for the human body. Like the white one, the bubbly wine comes with less calories when compared with the red wine, making it ideal for those who pay attention on their weight. But like the other wine varietals, the sparkling wine can be the cause for many health problems if you drink it too much. Doctors state that the bubbly wine is a common cause for migraines.

No matter if you are a fan of red, white or sparkling wine, drinking one or two glasses per day never hurts. What you need to remember is that the positive benefits can only be gained by moderate consumption. Cheers!


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