Why Buy APAP Machine

APAP or Auto Adjusting Airway Pressure machines are model of machines used to treat sleep apnea non-invasively. Instead of delivering one or two set pressures such as BiPAP or CPAP machines, APAP adjust with every breath to your ideal pressure. It can be adjusted for weight fluctuations, consumption of alcohol before bed, sleeping position or anything else that can change the amount of pressure needed to keep your airway opened. Patients generally find this machines to be very comfortable and many prefer them because they offer more therapy information. Each APAP machine comes with tubing, filter and power cord and can be enough to fit on a beside table and some of them are also convenient for traveling. So, here are few more reasons why buy APAP machine.

Buy APAP Machine

  • An APAP machine can be set to a right CPAP mode, giving the benefit of continuous pressure plus the other benefits of APAP. Some patients do much better on straight CPAP, some on APAP. Some patients, working with the doctor, use APAP machine and software to confirm or find their perfect straight CPAP pressure setting.
  • Another reason to buy APAP machine is because it can adjusts pressure automatically in order to meet changing pressure required when you are changing your position while sleeping, have taken sedatives or alcohol, are in various sleep stages, have a blocked nose due allergy or cold, are extra tired.
  • With no changing the comfort of the lower pressure, the upper sphere of the APAP machine pressure setting will answer to the upper range of apnea events, making this therapy more effective.
  • APAP machine automatically adjusts pressure if is needed when there is a mask leak, changes mask or experiment nightly with different mask adjustments. If you buy APAP machine, you can detect the volume of leaking and test the mask adjustments under different pressures.
  • Many studies have shown that there’s much better compliance with APAP machines than with CPAP.
  • Self-titration. If you have optional software or a smart card, and the ability, willingness and requisite skills, it can monitor the pressure results and settings and find the optimal pressure.
  • Use of an APAP machine may decrease the need for doctor visits if you responsibly managing your own therapy all process is assisted by APAP software and capabilities.
  • APAP machines reduce the need for costly sleep tests since you are auto-titrating, another great reason why buy APAP machine to treat your sleep apnea problems.
  • Some of the APAP machines have exhalation relief, C-Flex, for comfort. If more comfortable it may result in better compliance.

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