What You Need to Know about Antique Mirrors

The history of mirrors begins in the III century B.C. where most of the models comes in a round shape and are made from high quality metal. The back side of each produced mirror was amazingly decorated with ornamentation. At this period mirrors were made from high quality polished silver and bronze. The firs mirror was invented by Romans in the I century. People were giving some special qualities to the mirrors, qualities that no other object had. In the Medieval period, mirrors disappeared completely because, according to the religion the devil is watching and looking the whole world from the other side. But, back in the 13th century people started to produce mirrors again.

In the 16th century, Venetian masters invented a technique that was known as “flat mirror”. They made a special blend of gold and bronze and because of this all objects reflected in the mirrors were looking much more beautiful than they were in reality. Because of this characteristic, mirrors achieve almost the same price as the large naval ship. Back in 1373 in Germany, Nuremberg was opened first mirror manufacturing plant. In the same century (16th) they also become important part of some mysterious and witchcraft rituals. For even two hundred years mirrors were used by French and Spanish spies for decoding and coding secret messages. This system was introduced by Leonardo da Vinci in the 15th century. In this time, there were scriptures that were coded in the reflection of the mirror and without one it wasn’t possible to read the message.


In the 12th century handhold pears and mirrors have become a must for all women. Very often ladies wore small mirrors that were decorated with gold around their necks. In this period mirrors were treated like precious jewelry and were incised in specially materials like elephant bone or turtle shell frame. Some of the frames were made from silver or gold with and elegant engravings. In the 15th century, the Venetian Island of Murano became the central place of making glass. They invented the special technique that kept them away from the rest of the world. But, the French students happened to be quite good as well as creative, and very fast they not only mastered the technique from Murano, but they also invented their own. Very soon was started the building process of Mirrors Gallery in Versailles. The 73 meters long gallery was decorated with 306 huge mirrors.

On the end of 16th century, the queen of French, Maria De Medici decided to design a Mirrored office for herself. To achieve this she needed too much mirrors and Venetian masters created a special gift for her – a unique and huge mirror incrusted with many precious stones. At this period, mirrors became very popular as well as valuable collectibles among royal families. The king of France, Francis I and the king of England, Hendry VIII were the most known collectors aside their huge price of mirrors at this time. As we can see, mirrors had a really long journey throughout history. Today you can’t find home without mirror. They have become an essential part from our everyday routine.


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