5 Unbelievably Easy Ways to Remove Stains from Your Carpet

Many carpet fresheners and cleaners use toxic chemicals like phthalates, lye, pesticides, phenols and formaldehyde in their ingredients. Using all these products isn’t just dangerous for your living environment and your health as well, but it can also make the carpets in your home more resistant to cleanings. Soaps actually help carpets to hold and collect in the dirt, for example. Instead of using commercial cleaners, consider of hiring professional cleaning Sydney company. These companies offer quality services by using safe cleaning products that will not provide any harsh effects for your living space and your health as well. They use safe solutions and professional equipment providing solution for any type of stain on your carpets.

If you still want to remove the carpet stains yourself, then you can consider of making your own carpet cleaner. There is a great chance that you already may have the ingredients you need in your garage or kitchen. Here are five easy ways to clean, remove stains and deodorize the carpets in your home.

cleaning Sydney

Table salt – Fruit juice, red wine and other liquid are probably some of the toughest stains to get out of your carpet. It is important to clean them up while the spot is still wet. Always blot up (don’t rub because this will push the liquid further into your carpet) as much liquid as you can using a paper towel or clean cloth. After you blot up the liquid, pour table salt all over the stain and leave it do dry. Once stain drys, vacuum the salt up and the stain will be gone. In case the satin has already dried, you can use the same method but you should wet the affected area with soda and then re-wet the stain. If necessary, repeat the process.

Baking soda – To remove bad odors from your carpets all you need is a baking soda. You should just sprinkle it all over your carpet and leave overnight. This will gives the soda enough time to absorb the odors. Then all you have to do is to just vacuum the soda of the carpet and bad smell is gone.

Vinegar – Pet odor and stains can be a little harder to rid off so you may need to make a combination of few cleanings to cure. Blot up the affected area with a paper towel or clean cloth and then soak the affected area with white distilled vinegar. When the affected area is almost dry, sprinkle soda over it and leave the carpet to dry completely. Ensure the vinegar is nearly dry because if you apply the soda when it is too wet it will turn into a paste that will become quite difficult to vacuum up.

Steam cleaner This is a nice solution because it helps remove particles and dirt from the carpet with heat. Even though, using the carpet cleaning products approved for steam cleaning usually discourages people to use them. If you feel unsure about this, you can rely this task to professional carpet cleaning Sydney company and be completely peace of mind. Other option is to plain vinegar and water in a one to ten ratio and the carpet will become deodorized and clean.

Essential oil Essential oils are perfect way to add freshness to your carpets as well as to your entire home. Use an old spray bottle and add four drops essential oil for one cup water. Spray on carpet, furniture and curtains with this mixture in order to add a refreshing clean smell.


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