Popular Electronics Calculators

If you want to calculate how much energy your home electronics and appliances consume, then get a quality electronic calculator. The primary use of the electronics calculators is to provide accurate calculation of the amount of electricity your appliances use. The first electronics calculators were invented and introduced on the market in the early 1960s. By the mid 1970s, small and far more sophisticated electronics calculators were produced, thanks to the invention of the microprocessor and the integrated-circuit technology.

Most electronics calculators today come with a large memory and many programming capabilities. This means that you can perform multiple calculations and store the information on your computer by using a USB cable. These hand-held devices have a numeric displays and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to provide better visibility. The electronics calculators are essential tools of every electrician. They use these hand-held devices for calculating the cable size, voltage drop, amperage, and other similar things. The most popular electronics calculators these days are the following ones:

Electronics Calculators

ElectriCalc Pro – The ElectriCalc Pro is designed to suit the needs of professional electrical contractors, lighting specialists, electricians and designers. This electrical tool comes with a protective hard case, making it convenient to carry around. What makes this calculator different than the other electronics calculators, is its ergonomic design and long-life battery. It can be used for various math calculations. However, the primary use of this calculator is much wider:

  • Electricians use this type of calculator for calculating wire sizes, insulation ratings
  • You can use it to check for integrated voltage drop
  • Ideal for calculating motor full-load amps
  • It displays the NEC table number, whenever you calculate wire sizes
  • Whenever you need to check the conduit sizing, as well as fuse and breaker size

TI-30Xa – Another popular electronic calculator is the TI-30Xa model. Texas Instruments are well know for the production of different types of calculators. This type of electrical calculator is everything what an electrician needs. A reliable battery-powered calculator which comes with one-line display and wide math and science functionality. Ideal for basic match and scientific calculations, a number one tool used by electricians. These main characteristics of this electronic calculator are:

  • Perfect for conversions
  • Comes with one-line, 10 digit display
  • Calculates basic trigonometric functions as well as complex electrical calculations.


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