Food Paring With Cabernet Sauvignon

CCabernet Sauvignon01abernet Sauvignon is a complex and full bodied red wine. For many people it is considered as the wine of kings and as such it is paired with equally good and challenging dishes. This wine is mostly flavored with blackberry, mint, black tea, tobacco, chocolate, vanilla etc.

It is not meant for light and delicate meals because it will spoil the flavor of the meal. Cabernet Sauvignon is bitter and with high amount of alcohol, and when it’s paired with fish and vegetables makes this combination very unpleasant for consuming. Instead of that, meals with high level of protein and fats pair this bitter wine very good. One of the meals which contains those high levels of protein and fats is the meat. Cooked meat is the best pair for Cabernet Sauvignon because it tames the bitterness within the wine and consuming such a pair makes it very pleasant and tasty. But you must not overcook the meat because you’ll have less proteins and fat to tame the wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon

The Cabernet Sauvignon wine loves grilled dishes because the meat mirrors the bitter taste of the wine. When those two variants combine you’ll find that the bitterns of the grilled meat and wine are significantly reduced, allowing you to enjoy more in this combination. The most popular meats that pair with Cabernet Sauvignon are streak, ostrich, buffalo, squab, wild pheasant and duck. Although this wine contains cocoa and vanilla flavors, chocolate may not be its best pair. Chocolate is simply too sweet to pair with Cabernet Sauvignon as the wine is too bitter with high alcohol level. If you must pair Cabernet Sauvignon and chocolate you might want to use some bitter and semisweet chocolate. As the Cabernet Sauvignon wine ages, makes it a great pair with dishes like beef stew, pot roast or grilled veal or lamb.

Cabernet Sauvignon-day


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