What Does This Button Do? Primary School Calculators Buttons Explained

One of the must-have tech gadgets students cannot imagine their school days without, are the primary school calculators. Without any shadow of doubt, this is the little device that always comes to the rescue when needed the most. Especially, when it comes to complex and tiring math equations that are too difficult for students to solve manually.

Today, there are thousands of calculator-options to choose from, in terms of different brands, models, sizes and even colours. No matter the different purpose, almost all types of calculators have common functions, thus buttons for performing those functions. Let’s take a closer look at the function-buttons of the primary school calculators which is mostly used in elementary schools.

Primary School Calculators

  • AC: All Clear/Turn on To wipe the previous equation and start from zero, the AC button is the right button for this purpose. This function can be also found under the term CE.
  • C: Clear – When students want to erase the last number or maybe the last entered operation, due to a mistake, this is the right button to do it so.
  • OFF – Once the computing work is done, the OFF button will turn off the primary school calculator.

Primary School Calculator2

  • DEL & INS: Delete and Insert – By pressing ‘delete’ you will erase individual characters, without erasing the whole formula. This is particularly important for more complex equations, because thanks to the ‘delete’ option, students do not have to start over again. The ‘insert’ option on the flip-side, gives the option to re-enter numbers over an already existing formula.
  • %: Percentage – When working with numbers in a percentage form, this function-button will call to action for this particular purpose.
  • ‘ : Square Root – To show the square root of the number displayed on the calculator’s screen, students should use this special function-button.
  • +‘ : Plus – This button is used to add a number to the equation.
  • ‘–’ : Minus – This is the button to subtract one number from another.
  • ÷‘ : Division – To make a division of the displayed number by a particular number, this is the right function-button to press.
  • ‘x’ : Multiplication – This button helps you multiply one number with another.
  • M+/M-: Memory Add (or Subtract) – If this button is pressed, the displayed number will be added to the memory, along with the obtained result.
  • MC: Memory Clear – To reset the memory to zero, this is the button that will do the work.
  • MS or MIN: Memory Store – This function-button saves the number shown on the display into the calculator’s memory. As a special function, it is extremely helpful for frequently adding the same number needed to solve the equation.

Other Tricky FunctionsPrimary School Calculator 3

  • RCL – To recall and display the last number saved into the calculator’s memory, press the RCL button.
  • LOG – For changing the base fraction in logarithms, use this function-button.
  • ( ): Left and Right Parentheses – Commonly called ‘brackets’, this button works for prioritizing equations.
  • SIN, COS and TAN – These three buttons are used for trigonometry functions, particularly for establishing a number from an angle in a right angled triangle. To successfully perform this trigonometry operations, students must be familiar with the terms: hypotenuse, opposite and adjacent.

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