Manuka Honey For Gum And Teeth Disease?

Manuka Honey

It is no secret that honey is one of the oldest natural remedies that has been part of the alternative medicine for centuries. The truth is, honey finds multiple use in every aspect of our living, all thanks to its magnificent properties that make it a tasty natural sweetener, super-delicous natural food and surpassing health promoter.
Medical studies have shown that certain types of honey (not all) contain an outstanding amount of antimicrobial properties which give honey the power to treat different types of health issues, such as prostate problems, eczema and gum disease. According to dentist experts, honey contains a special enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide – the creator of honey’s antimicrobial activity.

The truth is, today’s market offers a dizzying assortment of honey products, but they do not share the same antimicrobial value and potency. One of the types of honey rich in hydrogen peroxide is the honey Manuka. Laboratory testings about honey Manuka have reported that this particular type of honey has the highest antimicrobial potency, thus being an effective remedy for gum and teeth disease.

One of the main ‘components’ of the dental plaque called gum disease is dextran. Better explained, this is a bacteria that produces gummy polysaccharide which adheres to the teeth’s surface. Dentist experts say that this is the point where Manuka honey calls to action. It not only stops the development of the dental plaque bacteria in the mouth, but is also reduces the amount of acid which produces the dextran.

What actually Manuka is? It is a flowering plant that Australian nature has in abundance. In fact, the origins of Manuka are coming from New Zealand and the southeastern Australian region. Quality Manuka-honey products feature the reference marker – UMF (Unique Manuka Factor). This special reference indicates that these products are double-potent with hydrogen peroxide than regular honeys, thus giving these Manuka-honey products a boosted anti-bacterial activity.

Thanks to Manuka, people finally have a powerful and sweet weapon to successfully fight the unwelcome gum/teeth disease that destroys their radiant smiles by causing missing teeth and infections that can be pretty harmful for the entire body and health. Go natural. Go healthy. You got the answer.


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