Car Rental in Melbourne

If you need a proven performer in the industry of van and car rental in Melbourne My Car Rental should be your choice number one. We trading in Swan Street Richmond since 1974 which means we have a lot years of experience in this industry. We provide great services for our customers who need cheap car rental in Melbourne. Our car hire is with best value in Melbourne, so do not hesitate to give us a call. We are able to fulfill all your needs, whatever you need rent to own cars or car rental.


Using our services gives you effective way to travel at your own pace and also is more convenient and cheaper option than local transport and taxi services. The vehicles that we provide quality with discount rates which means we provide you a very comfortable way of traveling. Our service rent to buy cars is well know and comes with affordable price ranges. The prices of our services are same through all year so you shouldn’t be afraid that you’ll pay more and you don’t need a credit car if you decide to rent a car from us.

Visit our official website or come in Swan Street Richmond and visit us in person. The professional team of My Car Rentals is always here to provide the best solution for you and fulfill all your requirements when it comes to car or van rental, hire a car or rent to by car services.


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