Art Of Simon Collins

Simon Collins is a popular artist whose painting are perceived as cinematic, because each one captures a moment in time when something is just about to happen or it is happening. What most people notice about Simon Collins is his unique and quite confident painterly approach. From his early years as a child, Simon discovered his gift for painting that helps him to create realistic pictures. He studied at an art school and attended a reputable art college in London, England.

The first strong desire to create pictures got Simon around 1994. His newest paintings are created with unconventional pictorial hooks that grab the viewers’ eye. Collins is best known for traditional figurative nudes and pastel landscapes, but over the last few years, he has turned to a conceptual direction with the nudes. Also, he is known for depicting day-to-day activities of life in the streets of suburban Sydney in scenes that are much alive with movement and energy. His idea is to create a painting during an ordinary day, take it home to his studio and turn it into a more beautiful piece that anyone would like to buy art prints online.

landscape art print

The biggest influence for his art is his surrounding in suburban Sydney and all the daily activities that take place around him. Simon has painted the Harbour Bridge in his popular cinematic style. Each of his paintings presents a small part of life that can encourage people to discover that something, which in fact, defines the quality of our daily lives. There are a lot of ways to transmit meanings and Simon Collins uses the most “pictorial” way. He likes to show the viewers some places where the touch of modern culture has diminished and turned into mysterious dark shadows.

Over the years, Simon has maintained his motive for painting: to reflect ordinary life experiences in Sydney. His paintings are a perfect mixture of regular family activities taking place in an almost creepy atmosphere. The scenes he paints look surreal and dream-like, at the same time. The figures look like they have lost their element, but they glow. The dramatic games of dark and light, the curious grace that goes back and forth in the visual field, surrounded by areas of intense ground colours, Simon’s paintings are just something else, something that cannot be compared with anything else in the world.

Regardless of the perception of his art work, Simon Collins understands the correspondence between technique, form and feelings. Rich and textured surfaces are typical for Simon, who provides only a little visual information that allow viewers to identify them. He doesn’t include details that are not essential for paintings, which has made his ground colours better. Just find a store to buy art print online painted by the one and only: Simon Collins.


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