The Signs Your Child May Need A Hearing Test

Too many children go deaf annually for us to stay ignorant on the topics that feature early hearing damage prevention. Babies that were prematurely born or born with very low weight have a higher risk of developing hearing issues. Also, children born from mothers that have undergone infections such as Cytomegalovirus of Herpes virus must be put to a childrens hearing test shortly after being born.

Audiologists point out that it is best to conduct the childrens hearing test for such babies three days after birth.

childrens hearing test

Children often experience hearing problems due to the issue named glue ear. It is an occurrence during which mucus gets stuck behind the ear drum because of an ear infection or a severe cold.

Parents should be very careful about this during winter time and help out their child and let them undergo a simple childrens hearing test in order to prevent further complications if the child is prone to colds during the cold months.
You can notice that a child is having such problems if he/she is getting tired easily during conversations and they might even get frustrated since understanding you takes more effort than usual.
The earlier it is determined that a child is exhibiting hearing problems, the better it can be addressed and treated before it starts to affect his/her social skills and self esteem in a negative way. If an audiologist indicates that the problem has the potential of becoming permanent, they might suggest that the child starts using hearing aids or grommets (tiny tubes that are placed into the ear drum and help get rid of the glue ear). The ability of the child to bubble doesn’t necessarily indicate that everything is fine with his/her hearing. Maybe you should look for signs whether it presents a sudden reaction when someone enters the room in a haste, of when someone breaks a glass.
Children with hearing problems also avoid communicating with more than one person simultaneously. However, none of these things can surely prove that there is a damage to your child’s hearing abilities, if you have a doubts, the childrens hearing test is the answer. It won’t intimidate your child, of course, it conducted with care. If your instinct tells you that something is wrong, talk to a professional. Small children will easily get used to hearing aids and they will immediately appreciate the bettering of their participation in conversations.


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