Enjoy The Ride With Lelo Billy

Are you a gentleman looking to explore a more sophisticated kind of pleasure? A Lelo Billy is what you need.

If you have some kind of experience with sex toys, then you know that the market is full with devices that look real neat. Moreover, they come with flashy packaging and sexy names. However, most of them have a lack in the orgasm delivery department.

Good look is not what you want. In fact, it’s what is inside that you are really interested about. A Lelo Billy has sure the prostate bumping mojo you are looking for!


How it feels?

Lelo Billy comes with five distinct vibration patters. To select these patterns you need to hold the device straight up and push and hold the buttons on the vertical axis – up and down.

1. Pattern 1 – Simply a consistent vibration
2. Pattern 2 – Consisted of a rhythmic patter, a slight pause and vibration.
3. Pattern 3 – Similar to pattern 2, but with shorter pause and vibration duration.
4. Pattern 4 – It has even shorter duration for pause and vibrate.
5. Pattern 5 – It offers a smooth transition from slow to fast and back again.

While the Lelo Billy can be slide in easily, but to make more comfortable you can use a great amount of lube. Once the dildo is in, you will fill it quite comfortable. No discomfort and no full feeling, just right!

Things that make the Lelo Billy unique from the others start with its box. A simple rectangular black box. Once you open the box the first thing you see is the sexy Billy resting in a velvety feeling cardboard insert. All the accessories are stored in a smaller internal box.

Lelo Billy is considered a mid sized device. Its full length is 17.52cm, insertable lengthy is about 9.90cm and maximum width is about 2.79cm. The insertable part is covered in a velvety feeling silicone. It features a matte finish and is hypoallergenic and phthalate (a kind of chemical used in non-quality plastics to make them more flexible) free. In addition, it is a rigid toy, which means it won’t flex or bend, but you can’t really squeeze it because of the hard inner core.

Lilo Billy comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and the charger is a basic wall outlet that is connected into the handle of the Billy.

Since sanitation is very important with sex toys, a mild body soap mixed with some water is all you need to keep the Lilo Billy clean.


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