Types of Electrical Boxes

Electrical boxes are indispensable pieces of electrical equipment that influence not only the aesthetic appeal of the places where wiring systems are exposed but also help in ensuring the safety for both the electrical equipment and the people moving around the place. For this reason, choosing the proper electrical box for your residential or commercial facility is more than important. I say “the proper electrical box” because there are several different types of electrical boxes that differ in features such as:

  • Shape – square, round, octagonal;
  • Size – standard or custom made;
  • Material – aluminum, cast iron, PVC, sheet steel, or polycarbonate;
  • Location of installation – indoors or outdoors; wall mount or ceiling mount.
  • Additional, special features – box cover, extension rings, bar hanger, etc.

In order to help you understand the use of these devices, I’ve made a simple overview of the different types electrical boxes. Read on to learn about the basic features and purpose of use of each type of boxes specifically.

  • Electrical Junction Boxes

The electrical junction boxes are used for enclosing and protecting wiring connections, which don’t include receptacles, switches or certain kinds of fixtures. The use of electrical junction boxes enables proper and safe splitting and branching of circuits throughout which electrical current flows.Electrical Junction Box

  • Handy Box

The handy boxes have similar function as the electrical junction boxes. The difference between these two types of boxes is that the handy boxes can contain light switches and the way they are installed (they are usually mounted on the wall surface).

  • New-Work Box

As their name implies, new-work installations are used for new electrical installations that are installed for the first time in a building. This types of boxes are indispensable during any new construction project and are usually placed between two studs.

  • Old-Work Box

These boxes are installed additionally, most commonly in cases when new outlet or other electrical element has to be added to the existing electrical installation. Also, these boxes are used in situations when a small part or the whole electrical installation is being remodeled.

  • Outdoor Box

These boxes are made from sturdier materials that are made to withstand rough environmental conditions. And as their name implies this type of electrical boxes are used for protecting the wiring elements that are exposed outside of the building.


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