Environmentally Friendly Bathroom Flooring Options

There has been a hard and constant rise in environmentally friendly interests from all the products we use in our life, from the materials we wear to the products we use to clean our houses. Kitchens and bathrooms are some of the most popular rooms in our homes to do this since there are also the places where we spend a lot of time during the day. Because of this, it is important to feel comfortable when you do a step forward inside this areas.

Bathroom Flooring Options

To feel that comfort on your feet, you need a quality flooring solution. When it comes bathroom floors, they can take quite a beating, especially when the room is used by multiple family members and because of using all those paper and energy products as well as the great amount of water. This means, to cover your bathroom consider material that is resilient, strong and able to withstand stains for different products. If it’s comfortable, it does not mean is not beautiful. These two features can stand next to each other. There are so many flooring options available offering beautiful designs and quality while are also comfortable.

Vinyl Flooring Bathroom

Vinyl is definitively number one choice flooring option because of the features it provides. It’s great stain resistant while is so easy to clean and maintain. Designed to be impervious to high amount of water, vinyl flooring bathroom is similar to a sheet of plastic, which will fight strong against the mold, grime, muck and mildew that can frequent bathrooms. It can stand great among the hard traffic while cleaning is just a matter of using the soap, water and clean mop. It is also one of the most versatile flooring material you can find available as it comes in a variety of patterned colours and solid. It can be printed to look like any other flooring, from hardwood to stone which allows you to be as exotic and creative as you like when making design choices for your bathroom. Aside all this, it’s one of the most budget-friendly flooring solution you can find available.

Rubber Bathroom Flooring

Maybe is not so commonly used choice for bathroom flooring, but still is a great solution, especially for a heavily used family bathrooms. Resistant to most of the stains, this flooring is easy to install and easy to maintain. For cleaning, rubber flooring require just a mild detergent solution and damp mop for mopping. Rubber is quite soft on the touch and has a natural traction, what makes it safe flooring solution for bathroom especially if you have a little kids. Other great feature of this floors is its resistant to damage from pet scratches.

Ceramic Bathroom Tiles

Usually made from clay and other sediments backed into the hard temperature, ceramic tiles are susceptible and porous to stains. Also, they can be treated with colored or sealer with a melted glass glaze which will cover the tile with a hard to stain, impervious and waterproof surface that is easy to maintain. Because of all this, ceramic tiles are frequently used flooring solution in family bathrooms. Also, ceramic can be custom printed in different patterns, and colours. This gives you flexibility to create a bathroom with the exact feel and look you like.


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