Birthday Party Plans: The Backyard Cubby House Trend

Wondering a budget-friendly birthday party idea for your little one? Have you thought about the idea of using your child’s backyard cubby house as the spot? Aside of helping you save a bundle, your child and the other kids will absolutely love having their party with their favorite toy.

Not so sure about the idea? There are just so many reasons that will get you convinced that your child’s backyard cubby house birthday party will be a success, such as, you can create unique birthday themes, the mess will be outside – instead of in your house, and the kids won’t get bored.

Read our birthday party ideas and tips to help you create the best birthday party ever for your child.

Backyard Cubby House

  • When you send the invitation for your child’s guests, let them know that the party will be on the outdoors. This will give their parents a chance to dress them appropriately and put on sunscreen or bug spray if necessary. You should also inform them the theme in case they want to dress for it. And of course, the date and the time the part starts and ends.
  • On the day before the party cut the grass, take care of any messes the dog may have left and put away everything that may represent risks for the kids. Plan where you will set up a food table, a gift table, be doing which activities and the games spot. If you have planned a type of race, measure out the space and make sure you don’t crowd it out with a table or chairs. Make sure also to design an area for parents of the children attending with chairs to sit and watch, if they decide to stay.
  • Start to decorate the cubby house according to the theme in the night before. If you’ve decided to throw a pirate ship party, the cubby house can be the pirate ship; if it is a princess party, it can be the princess’ castle; if it is a racing car party, it can be a super-mechanical shop. Use your imagination to come up with exciting ideas – and don’t forget to ask your child for a little help.
  • Get all the decoration done two hours before the party starts. Make sure to tie everything down to help keep it in place in case the wind arrives. Also use balloons that the other kids can take home.
  • Place a cooler with drinks out so kids can get drinks by their own. For food, use a lot of finger foods for snacks such as snack mixes, pretzels and cupcakes. Avoid food that require a fork to eat. Hotdogs and hamburgers are a great choice for a lunch meal.

You can be sure that your child will love to have a birthday party different from all his/her friends.


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