Effectiveness Of High Bay Lights

If looking for high-quality and long-lasting lights that will illuminate your warehouse, high LED bay lights are your best option. Be it for lighting a warehouse, gym, factory, sports arenas, open space or some other types of facilities, high LED bay lights will surely give you the best and brightest illumination ever.

industrial led

These high bay lights are specially designed for heights more than 20 feet, and these days more and more people are choosing to use them instead of the compact fluorescent lights. But what makes high bay LED lights a better option than the fluorescent light?

  • LED high bay lights are highly energy efficient, as they use less power than some other types of lights available on the market. What’s more, facilities can save up to 80% on electrical bills if these high bay lights are combined with the right smart sensors.

  • As we already mentioned, LED high bay lights are long-lasting, which means they can last 10 times longer than the fluorescent lights. When turned off, they do not emit any heat, meaning that you can save also on cooling costs (you can save about 20% on utilities bills).

  • Besides long-lasting, the high bay LED lights are also durable. They do not broke easily, cannot be damaged and require no maintenance at all.

  • The high bay LED lights can be controlled by using motion sensors, and these sensors have no negative effect on the lights performance and durability.

  • The high bay LED fixtures do nor require special disposal methods and because of their long lifetime, they do not require bulb storage practices which are common for fluorescent and HID light fixtures.

  • High bay LED lights do not require a certain warm-up period.

  • These lighting fixtures are unique and can meet even the most demanding requirements of different open spaces. They provide excellent quality and performance, as well as 18 000 and 20 000 median of lumens per watt.

Featuring acrylic and prismatic reflectors, these lighting fixtures provide a very bright environment, and are made for damp locations.

When looking to buy high bay LED lights, make sure you buy them from a reliable online store in order to get the best deal for your money. What you need to do is to go online, do a through research, browse and compare products, and only then find the best high bay lights for your needs.


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