Book Review: How Great Is Our God

Imagine all the greatest quotes about our lord and saviour are put together in one book created by the greatest authors of our time. How great is our god is a book for you to read a devotional excerpt for every day of the week? The writings come from a lot of writers but most notable are Henry and Richard Blackaby’s with their book“ Experiencing God”; Jerry Bridges “Trusting God”; Sinclar Ferguson’s “Hearth of God” and other that are worth mentioning such as R.C Sproul, A.W.Tozer and Dallas Willard.


One of the most mesmerizing things that I noticed in How Great Is Our God that you material that you can read from Monday till Friday and then an additional inspiring reading for the weekends. Every reading is constructed on a verse of the Scripture and it has a pre-chosen topic. After reading this book I have found my favourite parts:

  • My first memorable part is the one where it is explained that we do need freedom from adversity. Nothing in the universe can be compared with the absolute calamity of our one and true God. Jesus taught his students that no joy on this earth can be compared with the joys that await us in heaven. For me, this was one of the most inspiring quotes and changed my mindset forever. I feel now more calm because I know that Jesus died for our sins, and he will always be on the righteous side whatever happens in your life.
  • One of the things that made me think a lot is the quote about every time we doubt in Jesus, we just need to look at the cross where he sacrificed himself for our sins. The truly inspiring moment for myself, I become more positive, and my focus returns – a truly meaningful and spiritual moment.
  • The third one and the one that I am telling myself every day is to trust God, we must see life through the eyes of faith not senses. Bad things happen in life, but we must stay calm and see through the vision of God. He loves us in every moment and he will guide us to eternity.

When I read this book I feel like I am hearing the wisdom of old godly grandfather – a biblical persona who lived on the anvil of Christian living. It gives you a path and leads you to a non-stop circle of worship to our Lord and saviour through prayers and adorations. I recommend buying and reading this book to anyone who wants their daily lives to be fulfilled with the spirit of God.


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