Skateboarding Shoes: Which Ones Should You Choose?

Skateboarding is a type of activity that requires having the right equipment and the right clothing. Having the right board is important but wearing the right pair of skate shoes is also essential since they need to provide you with the high level of support and protect your feet during your ride. If you want to choose your right shoes you should think about how often you skate and what is your style of skating. Knowing the different types of skateboarding shoes available can make it easier for you to choose your perfect fit.

skateboarding shoes

Consider your style of skating

There are a lot of different styles and board tricks and your preferred one should help you determine the type of shoes you need. Oline is the most common type of board trick. Aerials require a high level of support on the sole of the foot and heel. The board trick known as grind require flexible shoes that will give you more control over your board. Slides are another form of a trick which may be a noseslide, tailslide, and a railslide.

Get familiar with the different styles

Going through the wide range of skate shoes available, you will be able to find two main types: vulcanized and cupsoles. The first type of shoes is more similar to casual models. They are flexible, thinner and lightweight what gives them a high level of maneuverability. Cupsoles come with a thicker sole and more cushioning what makes them a good choice for skaters who enjoy jumping from a higher distance.

What about cushioning

The type of the cushioning a certain shoes come with can have a huge impact on the level of protection they will provide your feet. The most of the skate shoes come with lightweight EVA foam that can be very protective when your board or foot hits the concrete. Shoes with PU foam may have longer life span and are a good choice if you are looking for durability. Some models come with dual heel cushioning some come with a heel collar for extra stability.

Know your brands

There are a lot of well-known brands that are producing high-quality skateboarding shoes. For example, Emerica, Adidas, Converse, Huf are very well-known. If you are looking for the pair of shoes that will provide you with the best grip, flex and wear then opt for a pair of Vans, Nike, Lakai. Osiris skate shoes are stylish but not enough durable for skating.

If you skate often, then do not hesitate to spend a couple of dollars more for a quality pair of skate shoes. Since you will make a lot of jumping and board trick, a quality pair of shoes can save you from injury while also providing you with the high level of comfort and foot support. If you do not skate often, then buying cheaper shoes is just fine.


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