Honeycomb Blinds Buying Guide

You are thinking of buying honeycomb blinds. Buying honeycomb blinds for your home or office is a great way to add style and functionality in your living or working space. To buy this type of blinds is not difficult, they come in abundance of colour, size and control options. However, the wide range of choices can easily confuse you, and thus you’ll need a little bit of help in choosing the right blinds for your rooms. But in case you are still doubting whether you should buy this type of blinds, let’s take a look at what sets the honeycomb among the other types of blinds.honeycomb blinds

Contribution to Energy Efficiency

These blinds simply trap the cold air coming from outside and do not allow it to come into the room through the window. This is thanks to their specific honeycomb structure. This way the heating devices in your room won’t need to work more in order to maintain the temperature, which means that they won’t spend more energy and with that won’t increase your air conditioning and heating costs.

Sound Absorption

Sound absorption is not often associated with window blinds, the honeycomb are an exception when it comes to this rule. In fact, the unique design of the cellular shades enables an unmatched level of sound absorption.

Great, Elegant Aesthetic Appeal

No matter if you need blinds for your living room, bedroom, kids’ room or office, you can’t go wrong with embellishing your interior by adding honeycomb blinds. As we mentioned above, they are available in a wide variety of options, which means that you will certainly be able to choose blinds that match your specific taste and requirements.

Not that we outlined the most important features of this type of windows blinds, let’s go through the most important features of the different types of honeycomb-style blinds. After learning more about the specific types of these window blinds it will be easier for you to determine the best type for you.

  • Single Cell vs Double Cell
    True to their name, single cell blinds are a made with a single cell in each row, while the double cell blinds are made with two intertwined cells. In the first type the single cell is created by each honeycomb being stacked one on top of the other. In comparison to the double cell blinds, these are more cost-efficient. On the other side, the intertwined cells of the second type form a double layer which provides great temperature insulation and sunlight blocking features.
  • Light Filtering Shades vs Blackout Shades
    If your main goal is controlling the light entering in the room, then the light filtering shades are the best choice for you. You can add them in your kitchen, living room or at any room where you want to set good mood and enjoy in privacy during daylight hours. On the flip side, the blackout shades, as their name implies are created to block the passage of light in the room. They are often used for spaces where high level of privacy is needed such as in bedrooms and in commercial sites such as nurseries and media rooms.

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