The Most Photogenic Senior Picture Ideas For Girls

Senior year, the most exciting time of a high school students life. And with the senior responsibilities come senior pictures. Here are some senior picture ideas for girls.
Senior year is super important for multiple reasons like prom and graduation, but somewhere in between is the part where you have to take senior pictures. And of course, it’s only natural for you to want to have amazing, if not the best senior picture in the whole school! But, you’ve managed to get yourself in a creative rut and don’t know what you want exactly to do in your photos. Don’t worry! Here are some senior picture ideas for girls that will make you the queen of senior photos!

senior picture ideas for girls
First things first – you need to find your best angles. Everyone has a good side and a bad side when it comes to taking photos, so don’t be shy to pose in front of your mirror and find a couple of poses that make you look even better. And now that you’ve found your signature pose, time to find the best location possible! The location has to be coordinated with your initial idea, so all you need to start with is an idea that you like. Maybe that’s taking pictures by the lake, or in a forest. Maybe you have a certain piece of clothing that you want to wear, like a fancy dress, so you have to find a location that will compliment that dress.
senior picture ideas for girls 1
Another important part of a successful senior picture is a prop. Props aren’t essential, but they add a nice dimension to the photo and complete the story you are trying to tell. Also, try to get the props to sort of reflect your personality, so let’s say you are a happy, bubbly person – have a picture where you blow bubbles. Or maybe you are known for reading a lot of books, so maybe incorporate a book in your photos.
senior picture ideas for girls  3
Balloons can be a fun element in your picture, they can set the whole feel of the photo shoot. A really cool idea is to have a bunch of balloons on a field, where you can run around and play with the balloons. Another fun thing can be some sparklers. Your graduation is a party, and sparklers will be included, so why not have them in your senior pictures too!

Senior year is the most fun year you will have in high school, so cherish the time you have left with your high school friends and have fun! These senior picture ideas for girls will help you get some more inspiration and make your final year in high school a bit easier.


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