Create A Shabby Chic Look With Industrial Furniture

The contemporary and modern interior designs are among the most popular choices for home decoration, but there is another style that increases its popularity with the speed of light. The magazines for the home interior are all filled with it, interior designers are all talking about it and furniture stores are filling their spaces with a variety of industrial furniture for sale. This style makes a mixture of rustic, vintage and industrial elements. Interior designers use vintage accessories and topping off the look using industrial furniture pieces to display the beauty of this style in a best possible way. With the wide array of industrial furniture for sale, you can easily bring what is modern to your home. Here is how to give your living space an industrial and modern look.

Industrial Chic Furniture

Use everything vintage – but from an industrial setting

One of the best ways to describe this trend is industrial chic. It combines the wooden and metal furniture, flooring made of stone and even walls made with bricks. According to interior designers, this is a perfect style for a town house, loft apartment or condominium. When it comes to industrial style, interior experts are encouraging people to make experiments with vintage. Flooring, lighting, industrial furniture that once would have barely been seen in some furniture stores, now are taking place in many homes all around the globe.

Lanterns, lighting, glass

Choosing the right lighting for your home has always been important in achieving the right ambiance in the room. Today, lighting shops offer an endless range of industrial lighting with so many possibilities and options to choose from. What is especially popular in this area are the lighting that feature 1930s style and old ship’s lanterns. Using glass, copper or a polished steel are perfect materials in providing an industrial feel to your space. They are trendy, functional, practical and easy to clean.

Worn flooring

What to make your floor looking weathered? Then the old industrial flooring tick is your best bet. The flooring from the industrial era suffered extensive wear and tear and that is what we call weathered look these days. If you already live in an old factory that was transformed into a trendy living space then you know how comfortable this floor can be and how much warmth and cozy feeling adds to space. If you want to achieve this look with your floor, then you have to put some more effort and hunt around the stores to see if you can find some of this nostalgic flooring.

Brick wall

Brick have bean an important building material for long years and today are amazing way to make one of your walls a focal point in the room and totally industrialize the space. If you leave in an old building you may already have such privilege to enjoy the beauty of this wall style. But if that is not the case, you can easily purchase old bricks and give one of your walls a historical look.


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