Muffler: What It Does and Why It’s So Important

Every car enthusiast wants more power under the hood in their vehicle. Some people spend a ton of money in order to achieve their goal. But, some of us don’t have that kind of money to blow. We try and find easy, simple and affordable ways to upgrade our cars. Well, these days people have been installing better mufflers in order to achieve higher horsepower. That has sparked a huge debate on internet forums. Some people think that a muffler can greatly increase the power of a car. While a lot of people might think that a muffler just decreases the noise levels and that it’s useless, but that isn’t the case. A muffler will actually do wonders to your car. Let’s go over why a muffler is so important.

Besides keeping the noise levels of your car to a minimum, an aftermarket muffler will also improve the efficiency of your vehicle. Because of the stock exhaust systems, most cars come with are quite restrictive when it comes to airflow. They don’t allow for your vehicle to breathe. The air comes in and goes out much slower and it needs a lot more fuel to keep going. Installing an aftermarket performance muffler will allow for your car to let out the exhaust fumes much faster. In turn, air goes in much quicker. This means that you’ll get more power for the same amount of fuel. If you’re looking for a muffler buy online in order to save money. Plus, you’ll be shopping from the comfort of your own home. A muffler also redirects exhaust fumes from the combustion engine outside. This helps you avoid potential fire hazards. By redirecting, they prevent that the exhaust fumes don’t enter the cabin. If fumes do manage to get in, it could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.


There are few types of mufflers that you can choose from. Glass pack, chambered and turbo. Glass pack mufflers are also called straight-through due to their design. They have by far the simplest design and offer a lot of airflow for your vehicle. Chambered mufflers offer the classic muscle car sounds. They offer great exhaust flow which increases the torque and horsepower of your vehicle. Turbo mufflers, despite their name, can be used on any type of car. It doesn’t matter if your car is turbocharged. They add horsepower and a great style to the car, and we all want that. They allow for the exhaust fumes to exit the engine without any restrictions. If you want any kind of muffler buy online as you have all the information on your fingertips.


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