Creating Curb Appeal with Greenery

Pops of greenery around your house can not only boost your mood, but add springtime freshness and charm all year round. The natural beauty of houseplants has a soothing power and can help you create a living space rich with calming and positive vibes. Adorning your home with little touches of nature in the form of wonderful plants and flowers is the perfect way to cleanse your space from any negative energy and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. What’s more the amazing ability of fresh plants to remove toxic and harmful particles from the air by absorbing them into them into their leaves means that they can considerably improve the air quality in your home and help you create a healthier living environment for your family. Besides bringing a breath of fresh air these green treasures of nature can add aesthetics to your décor scheme and spice up the look of any room with their vibrant colours and unique shapes.


The easiest and most practical way to integrate natural greenery into your living space is by using modern plastic planters that are specifically designed for growing a wide variety of houseplants, flowers and herbs. With their stylish design they can also serve as elegant decorative elements that can instantly enhance the design your interiors. They can bring a modern twist to your indoor garden and enrich any room with stunning visual appeal. Modern plastic planters match perfectly with the natural tones of houseplants creating a unique mix of colours, textures and shapes. They come with an integrated self-watering system that will keep your plants and flowers healthy and fresh at all times. The water reservoir is incorporated at the bottom of the modern planter and is designed to supply the required amount of water to the plant’s roots. The best thing about these planters is that they are made to preserve water. This means that the water inside the reservoir won’t evaporate easily and as a result you don’t have to water your plants as often as you normally would. So you could freely focus on your busy work schedule without worrying about your plants because the self-watering planters will keep them healthy and thriving.

Some plants are more sensitive than others, while some my be more effective at improving the air quality. As one of the most popular indoor plants the spider plant with its lush, sharp leaves will look great besides your sofa or on top of your dining table. It is very simple to grow and and is considered as one of the most effective air-purifying plants. With its beautiful white colour the pace lily is one of the best flowers to grow in your home. It requires very little maintenance and can easily absorb the toxic particles form the air. Golden pothos is yet another wonderful houseplant due to its vibrant green leaves that can instantly liven up your space. It doesn’t need a lot of sunlight, is pretty easy to grow and would make a great addition to such room as your kitchen or bedroom.




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