Worm Gears: Reliable and Effective Piece of Equipment

Without any doubt, gears are the most important pieces of many motors and machines. They have the power to increase torque output by providing gear reduction, and can also adjust the direction of rotation just like the shaft to the rear wheels of all types of automotive vehicles. Nowadays, we can enjoy the use of many types of gears that differ by one another. All of them have specific features and are designed for different purposes, but somehow they are all connected and important for smooth performance.
Spur gears, for example, are used for large gear reduction and are mainly used in washing machines, wind-up alarm clocks, screwdrivers, and so on. Their main disadvantage is that make a lot of noise and can cause vibrations which is the main reason why they are not used in the automotive machinery.


Worm Gears

These types of gears are also used in large gear reduction. There are some important reasons why one should choose using worm gear motors is the high reduction ration. In fact, worm gear motors can have extremely large reduction ratio with almost no effort, making it ideal for either increasing torque or greatly reducing the speed.
The second reason why you should choose worm gears is the inability to reverse the direction of power. To put it simply, worm gears are an effective and reliable piece of equipment that can provide reliable service as any type of gear set. The can find use in conveyor systems in which the locking feature can act as an emergency stop or as a brake.

How Worm Gears Work?

An engine or electrical motor applies the rotational power to the worm and the worm starts to rotate against the wheel, wherein the screw face pushes on the teeth of the wheel.
The most common types of worm gears are made with a steel worm and a brass wheel since the brass wheel is usually easier to replace than the worm.
Since the wheel is designed to be sacrificial, it is made out of brass, so when the two surfaces come into contact, the worm will be safe from wear because the wheel is softer which will lead to a lot more wear on the wheel.
However, worm gears can also be made from steel worm and steel worm wheel, brass worm and brass worm wheel, plastic on metal, on plastic and other similar combinations, however, all of them are less commonly used.

Regardless the type of material you choose, one thing is certain, worm gears will give you a reliable and effective service.


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