Hiking at Night: Enduring Light for the Wild at Heart

I have always admired my fellow Australians for their love for outdoor adventures. You would be lying if you said that you don’t enjoy surfing, going on a nice and slightly dangerous fishing or camping trip, or hiking at night. Ah, yes, I believe that every true nature lover has been tempted to explore their favourite forest during the late night hours. The woods are much more mysterious when they are under the veil of night, seducing you with nothing more than their sounds. Well, at least when you don’t have a hand-held flashlight or a headlamp with you.


Speaking of headlamps, I must say that every responsible hiker should own and use one. I, personally, never forget to bring along my red LED head torch with me when I go on a long night hike, as well as when I visit the woods during the day, planning to return home before nightfall. Why? Well, first of all, because of the possibility to wander off the hiking trail and stay in the woods longer than I had in mind, and secondly, because Mother Nature can easily steal my attention with one of her majestic children and make me lose track of time.

Packing a powerful and durable red LED head torch when going on a night hike is a smart idea because of many reasons. As some of you may already know, red light helps our eyes adjust in low light conditions (just like the ones in dense forests). Try to remember this: white light is always harder to adjust to. Furthermore, using a red LED head torch when exploring a forest can be really convenient, for there are many light LED headlamps that emit bright red light. There are also plenty of quality red torches that can be worn on the head or clipped on to a backpack or a hat. This gives you the opportunity to turn your night hike into a pleasant and worry-free adventure by wearing one red headlamp on your head and attaching another to your rucksack.

All of this explains why these practical lamps have become so popular, and not only among young wild-spirited individuals, but also among bookworms, doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, and many other professionals. If you, too, choose to give these amazing head torches a chance, then I advise you to look for ones that are relatively small, light, and robust, for you may fall while hiking and damage them.



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