Acheiving Precision with a Servo Motor Drive

Control systems have the purpose to encompass four main aspects of device operation including pressure, temperature, voltage and last but not least motion. The implementation of motion control is made through the use of pneumatic, hydraulic and electro motors. There are three major elements that are required for proper and efficient motion control: a drive, a motor and one or multiple devices that will provide feedback. Drives have the function to control current, velocity and in many cases the position of the motor while providing the required amount of torque at the same time.

Servo motor

Drives are highly advanced components of the motion control system that consist of a single-axis controller, that delivers velocity, position and torque commands, and a special power block that provides power. The drive, motor and feedback device together create a servo motion system that has the purpose to provide accurate control of such features as velocity,voltage and torque through the use of special feedback loops. A servo motor drive is an application that has an output shaft which can be adjusted to a specific angular position with special coded signals. This type of drive has a wide range of uses in many different machines and is often an integral part of automatic machine tools, boat navigation systems, remote control aeroplanes, automation robots, etc.

With its advanced design the servo motor drive is able to deliver fast response to changing commands and torque disturbances thus providing precise control of motor position. Equipped with DD motors the basic configuration of servo motor systems incorporates a gearbox, potentiometer and a control circuit. The DC motor creates a large amount of reduction ratio to move the gearbox. There are many different models of servo motion systems but one of the best on the market when it comes to optimum precision for performing demanding motion sequences is the Lenze servo motor drive. It designed to be used with applications that require dynamic performance and accuracy.

Lenze servo motors meet the standards for highest quality and are well-know for their refined construction and long operation life. They are very simple to use and once installed require no maintenance what so ever. Designed to fulfil the high demands of drive technology these servo motor offer smooth operation and work with full torque at fast speeds. By developing four distinct series of servo drives Lenze offers motion control solutions that can suit a variety of machines and tools. The compact MCM and MDXK Sseries deliver synchronous motors that are specifically developed for applications that have both high dynamic and overload capacities.




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