Shopping Battle Royal: Normal Light bulb Vs Fluorescent Lights

Are you looking a way to find the most efficient and powerful lights? Not sure between fluorescent lights and normal light bulbs? You have arrived at the right place and decide if you want to buy fluorescent lights or normal light bulbs.

Normal Light Bulbs

Normal light bulbs or like professional call them incandescent light bulbs have very thin tungsten filament that is inside a glass sphere. On the retail shelves, you can find different sizes such as 60 watts, 75 watts or 100 watts. The work in a very simple process. Firstly the electricity runs through the filament, and because it vies a great resistance to electricity, turning the resistance into a heat. From the heat comes the light, because when the filament is white hot, the whiteness is the light.

A lot of people dislike normal light bulbs because it spends a lot of electricity. In a manner, the production of the light is just a waste – the high temperature is useless because after the light is produced the electricity still spends more and more electricity. Therefore, normal light bulbs are very inefficient and produce very low lumens per watt – only 15.

Fluorescent Lights

On the other hand, fluorescent lights are something that is quite popular on the market. A lot of people change their normal light bulbs and buy fluorescent lights. They produce light way differently than the normal bulb, with the electrodes at the both ends of the fluorescent tube, with the gas containing agaon and the mercury vapour that is inside. The stream of electrons goes through the gas from one electrode to another and while the electrons bump into the mercury the atoms start glowing. The florescent light produces less heat, meaning it spends less electricity making it more efficient. The light power they create starts from 50 lumens and can go to 100 lumens per watt.

Fluorescent Lights vs Normal Light Bulbs – Verdict

Without a doubt, it can be said that fluorescent lights a way better than the normal light bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs are four to six time more efficient that normal bulbs. That’s why when you buy fluorescent lights with lower watts produces the same amount of light like a higher watt normal light bulb. If you want a lower electric bill, more efficiency and more power then buying a fluorescent light is the way to go!


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