Fishing Videos are a Great Way for a Beginner to Prepare for the Unknown

My mates have always been fascinated by the recreational sport of fishing and for them the biggest success, besides making their wives happy in bed, is coming home with a big catch. They even compete with each other who will catch the most fish, or who will be the lucky one to score the biggest catch. Not to brag, but while I have my tricks in the bedroom, I’ve never really understood all the fuss about fishing. I couldn’t find anything exciting about standing on the shore or sitting on the boat and waiting, sometimes for a whole hour or two, to catch a fish. Yes, I do admit it might be fun to do all those fishing tricks that my friends can’t stop talking about and the scenic view and the sounds of the water might have a relaxing effect, but other than that I couldn’t understand what is so exciting.

How To Fishing Videos

Well, my fiends decided to change my negative outlook (according to them) that I had towards the world of fishing and take me on a fishing trip with them for the first time. I’ve always avoided this type of gatherings, but this time it’s seemed I couldn’t make excuses. So, a few mounts ago I was preparing for my first ever fishing trip into the wild. When my wife saw me casting a line in the backyard, that one of my fiends borrowed me, she couldn’t help but laugh out loud for the whole neighborhood to hear. I can’t blame her, I’ve told her numerous time that I can’t fishing, yet here I was standing in the backyard trying to find imaginary fish.

When my best mate Chris came one day to borrow some tools, he was also find it very fun my way of preparing for the upcoming fishing trip. He said I was casting the line completely wrong and I better go watch some how to fishing videos, before I embrace myself even more in front of all my neighbors. I too his advice, after all he was what would one call a master in the fishing game, having in mind that he has been catching fish for many years now. So, I went online and found a great website where there were lots of how to fishing videos that I must say introduced me to the fishing game. From how to properly tie a knot to the right method for spooling a reel, after watching two hours worth of fishing videos, I was ready to embark on a fishing adventure with my friends.

Fishing videos are indeed a great way for any newbie fisherman to learn more about the whole concept of fishing, see great tricks and catching methods and of course expand their knowledge. I have to say I had a really great time on the fishing trip. Although I managed to catch hardly two fish, we hanged out with my friends, shared jokes and had a blast on the water. I must admit that I had a totally wrong opinion about fishing, it’s not all about catching the biggest fish, but also about spending quality time in nature with your mates and making wonderful memories together.


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