Things to Know Before Buying Camping Portable Solar Panels

While camping the need of electricity, hot water and light during the night, well honestly makes camping feel better. For that reason, engineers have created unique camping portable solar panels. With them, you can avoid extra money for powered sites. Additionally, adding a camping portable solar panel will save you a lot of work and create the needed peace and quiet that you were looking for.

The most important part of camping portable solar panels are the solar cells. The reason why is because they perform to their full potential. The best way is to look for legs, frame and heavy duty latches made from aluminium because they will ensure that your solar panel is sturdy enough to withstand being packed away and installed quickly. Having rust proof aluminium parts is proof that your solar panel is made with exceptional durability. A safe and reliable camping solar panels retailer will hand build and check each solar panel if it is built as it should, so you know you are buying a great product.

Another thing to consider when purchasing for camping portable solar panels is size. Yes, size here does matter. First, you will need to know which devices you will bring on your trip how much you plan to use them during your vacation. This is done by taking all the numbers of amps used by the devices you carry per hour and do the math with sometimes you plan to use them daily. Also, you will need to make sure that the battery you are bringing can take all that electricity. The total power that your devices use must be lower than the battery one. If you plan to make a trip only for a couple of days, then take something that will not fully charge your batteries in one day. For instance, on the first day of using the battery, you should drain around of 50 % of your battery and the solar panel will recharge it back to 80%, so the second day it will be restored to 60% and like that until the battery is out and needs a full recharge.

On the other hand, if you are going to be more than a week, it is best to buy a solar panel that will meet your demands and even extend it. This will ensure you that you will have battery all the time, and won’t worry about being out of power. If you are not sure, then always bring a bigger battery, or you can always consult with your retailer, and they can give you advice on which battery to buy.

In the end, after you know this stuff, you can be sure that you will have a good time camping. Australia is full of beautiful places to visit, and with the portable solar panel, you can be sure that you will have no problem charging your electronic devices in nature.


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