Bold and Righteous Move: Australia Replaces All Traffic Lights

You see it every day, waiting on them for hours and yet you wont notice it. Yes, Australia has changed the traffic lights. Technology is advancing all the time, and with the traffic they changed with better LED traffic signal lights. And the Australian government has been and still is smart. Their vision about saving energy is something that is other countries like the USA should look for inspiration.

It was Western Australia that installed it first, where all their light work with LED traffic signal lights follow the recent agreement of a six-year programs regarding LED technology. The replacement of normal traffic lights with newer LED ones is part of a initiative that has been going for years, to improve roads and transportation named “Traffic Congestion Management Program which has spend very big the last couple of years.


The government has said that the new LED tech traffic lights have been successful, where the old lights were replaced with a 20 watt low consuming traffic lanterns. This means that all Australia now spends low energy and saves money that can be spent in something else. Even though this technology has been around for years and all around us (computers, Tvs, monitors, smartphones) the move of installing LED traffic signal lights has opened a new chapter of this technology. It was the Western Australia Minister of Tranportation named Dean Nalder that was leading this project and implementing it with dozens of initiatives that are being applied at dozens of signalized sections through Western Australia.

Creating lighting that is more efficient and more cost-effective will create better results in safety, save money and reduce the public electricity by 75 % which is astonishing. Today, on the market you can find a wide range of LED traffic signal lights, but finding a good retailer can be a tasky job. However, the only thing left to do is to find their websites, visit their stores, see the prices, compare a brand or two and make the decision. The thing is a good retailer will have a fully functional and fast website, where you can find all the information about their products and the right contact information meaning phone number, email and address.

Make our world great again with using efficiency and eco-friendly lighting. Investing in these lights is investing in the future of our children and ours children children.


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