Reasons to Install Roof Racks to Your Toyota Prado

Toyota always has been a great car manufacturer, but they’ve been undisputed champions when it comes to off-road vehicles. One of those is the Toyota Land Crusier Prado. This is a mid-size 4wd vehicle, and it is the smallest off-road vehicle in the wide range of Toyota vehicles. The latest generations of the Toyota Prado comes from 2009. It comes with five-door models and it sold in couple of variants: GX, GXL, VX and the premium model the Kakadu. Also, Toyota back in 2013 released the two door model that offered a refreshed look, with a standard equipment and better headlights. In Australia, the Toyota Prado is sold with the 4.0l V7 power unit. Additionally, in 2015 it was updated with a newer engine with 278 horse power!

Toyota Prado Roof Racks

Even though this vehicle is well-built, Toyota allowed a third-party manufacturers to create upgrades, so their customers can find a reliable, functional and durable solution for the terrains they are driving through. The most popular accessory is the Toyota Prado roof racks.

What are Roof Racks?

Roof rack is a set of bars that secures the luggage on the roof the vehicle. It is usually used to store bulky items (bicycles, canoes, kayaks, skis and other containers. There are many benefits of installing on your Toyota Prado Roof racks, here are some of them.

More Room For Storage

If you are one of those who travel a lot through Australia then you’ll need a lot of storage. Because the Toyota Prado is a smaller off-road vehicle, the storage space won’t be enough to store all of your items. For that reason, installing a roof rack will help you carry additional storage so you can be sure that you are ready for your journey. Another thing is that the roof rack are easily installed, because the third-party manufacturers want every user without any problems to install or remove the roof racks. If you have any problem installing them, I think the retailer will help you with that.

More Passenger Room

When you free so much space, the passenger in the back won’t feel like a smashed potatoes. Sometimes, when people over-pack (and in this case normal pack), there won’t be enough space for the passenger to feel comfortable. Not only that, but even 1000 km won’t feel so much when the passenger has enough space to rest his feet and body.

Good For Long Journeys

Traveling for more than 1000km, will require from you taking tents and other equipment, because you can easily settle in a camping park and stay for a couple of days. The roof rack will allow you easy way to store your tent and other equipment, hence making your journey more relaxed and reliable.


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