The Most Important Exterior Car Accessories

Car accessories are a great way to give your car personality and make it your own. Accessories for cars exterior can add beauty, but most importantly also enhance performance. With that said, we can divide exterior car accessories into two main groups; decorative and practical. The decorative accessories (such as spoilers, stickers, rims, exhaust add-ons) serve only to add beauty and style to your car. Performance accessories however, can protect your motor, add more storage and enhance your cars overall power and drive ability.

Car Exterior Accessories

After heavy research, I have compiled a short list of some of the most necessary accessories for cars exterior, that should be added to any car, old or new, and those include:

Additional Lights

If you live in the countryside, or use your vehicle for off-road driving, headlights should be a necessity. They can offer a better field of view and help with night outdoor activities (such as camping or farming). But before committing to extra headlights on your car, you should consider the following rules.

  • They must be in a fixed position (to differentiate the spotlights of ambulances).
  • They must have their own switches for manual operation.
  • The wiring must contain additional fuses.
  • They should be used with caution and avoid blinding other drivers.

Roof Racks/ Roof Box

Trips can be a very fun experience, camping, touring, mountaineering and vacations, but there is usually a lot of equipment that needs to be packed. Well instead of cramming everything inside your car and subtracting space from yourself, you can simply place a roof rack of box on-top of your car. This will insure a comfortable ride for both you and your passengers.

Folding Ladder

This is an optimal combination with the roof rack, as it can aid you in easier packing; loading and unloading of equipment. These ladders can fold down flat when not in use and can even be stored in your trunk. They are made from sturdy, resistant materials that can withstand both the weight and weather.


If you plan on driving off-road, near a swamp or in areas with high waters, a snorkel is a great way to protect your vehicle. A snorkel is a pipe that extrudes from the filter of your engine to about the roof of your vehicle. One of the greatest benefits of a snorkel is the protection from your car getting hydrolocked.

A hydrolock is when a big portion of water enters your motor through the air filter, this usually occurs when the motor gets submerged. Because water is dense (unlike the gasses in the motor) the pistons can’t compress it, this leads to an internal explosion inside the motor, that can render your car unusable. With the use of snorkels this can all be avoided as they elevate the entrance to the filter above the cars roof.


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