How a Small Milk Fridge and a Coffee Machine Completed Our Outdoors Dream

My hubby and I do like to entertain often which is why we designed our patio to suit our “wild” partying needs (we are a newly married couple thus we are trying to have fun as much as we can until the first bundle of joy arrives). Aside from outdoor dining table set, outdoor lounge and other outdoor furniture and décor pieces, we invested in a good grill since we love to have friends over for a barbecue. And everything was going great, until one day when my husband got sick of going in and out to bring cold drinks. This is why we decided to get two mini bar fridges – one for soft and alcoholic beverages and one for milk. Yes, you’ve read it right, we have a separate small milk fridge because we simply love coffee. We are the biggest coffee lovers, we love to drink coffee any time of the day, thus investing in two mini fridges was a necessity and not a luxury.

Our small milk fridge is designed specifically to store cold milk for use with an automatic coffee machine that collects the milk directly from the fridge. The mini fridge we have chosen has a triple glass door that ensures an extra coldness retention, it has an inside fan system that circulates air for achieving constant temperature, it has 23 liter capacity, and it keeps the milk under 4 degree Celsius which is the perfect temperature for stable foam. A lot of people claim that the best coffee is black, however, we enjoy in drinking lattes, cappuccino, mocha and other types of coffee blends with milk, as the milk give more flavour and colour to our coffee. Well, it simply is a matter of preference, that’s all. Furthermore, having our evening coffee with milk doesn’t disrupt our sleep patterns as milk limits the coffee energy effect on our bodies.

When it comes to the price, it really pays off having an automatic coffee machine and a mini milk fridge along with it as that way we saved a lot of money by not getting our coffee at the coffee shop.

Thus whether you are a coffee lover who simply loves to drink coffee throughout the day or simply a person who loves to have an after-lunch coffee, treating yourself at home with this amazing and extremely useful invention – a coffee machine and a mini milk fridge, is a great idea.


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