Eye Pillow – A Soft Ally for Your Savasanas and More!

I have been doing yoga for quite a while and I have to say that one of my favourite yoga props is my satin eye pillow. The one I have is soft, cool and comfy, giving me an instant relaxation while providing a little bit of pressure on my Third Eye point (the middle of the forehead). Except for being small and handy to transfer from one place to another, generally, these types of eye pillows are usually scented with lavender or other soothing aromas. Continue reading

Commercial Office Storage

The Many Types of Office Storage Systems

It is no secret that working in a cluttered and messy workspace can bring you nothing more than a disorganization that can greatly affect your work in a negative way. When inspiration knocks on your door or when a client comes and you can’t show off some interesting project or some important papers, you shouldn’t waste time searching for that pen of yours or for some important document. Instead, invest in a good commercial office storage that can help your employees give the best of themselves. In fact, a commercial office storage has the role to help one sort and organize it all – from important papers to paper clips. That way, the productivity of your employees will drastically improve as well as their will to do things right. Continue reading


How to Make Your Cafe More Attractive to Customers

Establishing a successful and profitable business in the highly competitive hospitality industry can be challenging, but is certainly not something can’t achieve. Lack of strategic planning is the main reason why some cafe shops fail to bring in enough profit in their first year. This means that when as a cafe owner you need to make sure you make little to no mistakes when creating a management strategy for your business. After all proper management is key to starting out a successful company in any industry and this is particularly important in hospitality which relays greatly on great customer service. Therefore your goal should be to have as many satisfied customers as possible and to achieve this you need to stand out among you competitors.

fridge Continue reading

The Safety Procedures Required when Handling Oil Drums

Handling and materials transportation can be very dangerous if those that are supposed to perform the transportaion. Oil drums can be especially dangerous since they are heavy and potentially explosive if filled with a combustable liquid like petrol or diesel. Extensive training is required for any worker that has to operate the equipment to transport the drum but they also require training for draining the drum, and unlike any other liquid container you can’t simply tip it over to drain out the contents from within. Continue reading

Dental Implants – A Long-lasting Teeth Replacement Solution

Let’s get something straight, self-esteem and oral health go hand in hand. Having healthy teeth and a beautiful smile is something every person wants and needs which is why taking proper care of your teeth is so important. As we all know, tooth decay is one of the most common dental issues, and if not treated on time can lead to tooth loss. That is why dentists recommend a regular check-up in order to avoid unwanted situations like these. But just like we said, tooth decay is a common disease and luckily there is a way to restore that smile of yours with dental implants. Continue reading


Which 4×4 Accessories Can Be of Great Use for Campers

Some see camping with a vehicle as cheating, but it’s much more nuanced than just using the vehicle as a transportation method for yourself and the other campers. There are many useful benefits of taking your 4WD with you, such as a sheltered space that has a steady power supply (provided you’ve charged its battery), which after a long day of hiking, biking or kayaking could be much more relaxing than a tent. A tent which you carry by hand it can’t be big enough since it’ll weigh too much, if you want to accommodate more than two people, this can be circumvented by simply putting an awning tent on your vehicle. Continue reading